Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stolen Sidekick

Yes the odyssey of the stolen Sidekick is finally over. The NYPD arrested the girl that stole it and they got their Sidekick back.

Besides the fact, that this girls life may be ruined now, I really like this site. It shows that with the great tool of the Internet you can use the power of the masses to do justice (sadly also to do wrong...).

For the ones of you who haven't heard of it before (Here the NYTimes link for a longer summary.): A girl lost her Sidekick in a cab and noone returned it. Another girl from Corona got it in her hands and was stupid enough to make pictures of herself with it. (As anyone else knows, Sidekick's stuff is saved on T-Mobile's servers.) A friend of the victim opened up this website and millions of people got interested in the story.

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