Saturday, August 25, 2007

iPhone software unlocks everywhere!

The iPhone has been unlocked for quite some time now, but as Engadget (and everyone else) reports, there are now several software unlocks out. Most likely these websites, which all charge you for unlocking, have based their software on the research the dev team has published and have paid one of the other hacker teams to accomplish the task.
Many people are looking to the dev team now, because they have yet to succeed and are not too responsive in terms of progress updates. Sadly these people forget, that the devs have done a lot of work which made many things, like 3rd party software, possible. Also they will release their version FOR FREE when they are done with it. Gizmodo sums it up pretty well, together with a call for donations for the dev team. I think we should continue our support for the dev team. It won't be long until a software unlock that is free for everyone will be released.

To donate to the dev team, send money over PayPal to this email address:

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